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Rapid Green synthesis of Gold and silver nanoparticles using ethanol extract of Kedrostis foetidissima (Jacq.) Cogn. and its anticancer efficacy against A549 Human Lung cancer cell lines
by Dr. AMUTHA .M, 23 Apr 2019

Abstract This study is mainly focused on the synthesis of gold and silver nanoparticles using Kedrostis foetidissima (Jacq.)Cogn, a traditional medicinal plant, their characteristics and their efficacy on Human Lung cancer cell lines (A-549). Gold and silver nanoparticles were synthesised using ethanol extract of Kedrostis foetidissima by solar irradiation method. Formation of gold nanoparticles (AuNps) and silver nanoparticles (AgNps) were authenticated by UV-Visible, FT-IR, XRD SEM and TEM analysis. Solar irradiation method has yielded beautiful floral shaped AuNps and spherical shaped AgNps of the size 8.38 nm and 33.20 nm respectively. The cytotoxicity effect of these biogenic nanoparticles against A-549 cell lines was monitored through MTT assay. The results have revealed that AgNps shows significant cytotoxicity (IC50-62.16 µg/mL) towards A-549 than AuNps (IC50- 106.27 µg/mL). The shape dependency of the nanoparticles is also clear from the study.

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November 2020
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