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Effect of Glucocorticoids exposure on Serum Osteocalcin Levels
by Mr. Avinash, 29 Apr 2019

Abstract: Glucocorticoids (GCs) are the most commonly used drugs for treatment of autoimmune and inflammatory diseases. GC treatment has a profound effect on bone turnover and the mechanism is complex and not elucidated completely. One of the actions on bone explained by many studies is its effect on serum osteocalcin levels. Aim and objectives: To investigate changes in the osteocalcin levels among patients who are on GCs and to correlate these levels with various doses of different GCs. Study Design: This was a prospective observational study on 88 subjects who were on GC therapy in Kasturba hospital Manipal from December 2015 to December 2017. Results: Mean age of subjects were 42.29 ±13.86 years, with a marginal female preponderance (58%). Median dose of glucocorticoids was 1mg/kg (0.89, 2.60). Median baseline serum osteocalcin concentration was 4.4ng/ml (2.2, 9.0), which reduced significantly after starting GC therapy to 2.2ng/ml (1.01, 4.74) (p value=0.009). The median dose of prednisolone was 0.9(0.72, 0.90) and methylprednisolone was 2.6(2.1, 3.4) mg/kg. The serum osteocalcin level was reduced significantly (p

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