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by Mrs. Gowripattapu sridevi, 25 Mar 2020

ABSTRACT In the present work, Captopril microspheres using HPMCK100M, HPMCK15M and Carbopol 934 as copolymers were formulated by ionic cross linking technique Ionotropic gelation method to deliver Captopril via oral route. The technique successfully employed to fabricate Captopril microspheres and provides characteristic advantage over conventional microsphere method, which involves an “all-aqueous” system, avoids residual solvents in microspheres. Other methods utilize larger volume of organic solvents, which are costly and hazardous. Micromeritic studies revealed that the mean particle size was in the size range of 512-903μm. Increase in the polymer concentration led to increase in % Yield, % Drug entrapment efficiency, Particle size, % swelling and % Mucoadhesion. The in-vitro mucoadhesive study demonstrated that microspheres of Captopril using sodium alginate along with HPMCK100M as copolymer adhered to the mucus to a greater extent than the microspheres of Captopril using albumin along with HPMCK15M and Carbopol 934 as copolymers.

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November 2020
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