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Anti-inflammatory potential of Flemingia strobilifera R.Br . roots: an experimental study in rat models
by Dr. ANIL KUMAR K V, 07 Apr 2020

Flemingia strobilifera R.Br. (Fabaceae), a perennial plant traditionally used as an indigenous medicine for its Pharmacological characteristics. The goal of our experimentation was to study the chloroform extract of Flemingia strobilifera roots for its anti-inflammatory potential through anti-inflammatory models like carrageenan - elicited rat hind paw edema , cotton pellet - elicited granuloma formation , and carrageenan - elicited leucocyte to justify ethno-medicinal use of the plant. Indomethacin, a reference drug was used to compare anti-inflammatory potential. The extract, administered respectively with a lower dose of 30 mg and 60 mg per kg body weight as higher dose, three hour post treatment, produced a significant reduction (p 0.01) in the edema of paw and substantial decrease in implanted cotton pellets dry weight. We conclude that the chloroform extract of roots of Flemingia strobilifera possess dose-dependent, anti-inflammatory activity.

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