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Nose to brain delivery role of viral and non-viral vector for neurological disorder
by Mr. Prabhanjan Shridhar Giram, 22 Apr 2020

Nose to brain delivery is alternative efficient way of delivery of drugs, protein, peptides, DNA, RNA and Plasmids for improved therapeutics in the treatment of the neurological disorder. Nanotechnology enables use of nanocarrier such as polymer, lipid and metal based utilised for delivery of active agent to targeted site selectively and minimised other systemics side effects. Viral vector like herpes simplex, adenovirus and lentivirus also used for delivery of genes to brain with improved transfection efficiency and transduction process. Metal based nanomaterial gold, super magnetic iron oxide nanoparticles used for thernostic application for brain related nose to brain delivery has proven several advantages and limitations discussed in the review in detailed.

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November 2020
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