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by Mr. Prabhakar, 25 Apr 2020

The objective of the present investigation was to enhance the solubility and dissolution rate of BCS class II drug nevirapine through scalable and commercially feasible solid dispersion approach by using soluplus as hydrophilic carrier. The solid dispersion produced by melting method (1:5 weight ratio) exhibited highest solubility which was ~ 15 folds greater than pure drug and was selected for further investigation. The changes in DSC, PXRD, and SEM validated the formation of solid dispersion and transformation of drug from crystalline to amorphous. Moreover, selected solid dispersion had better flow properties than pure nevirapine. Dissolution study revealed complete drug release and higher dissolution rate from solid dispersion than nevirapine. Furthermore, two dissolution profiles were different (f2 value 33). Hence, preparation of nevirapine-soluplus solid dispersion by melting method could be an appropriate pharmacotechnical strategy to enhance the solubility and dissolution rate of nevirapine and probably other BCS class II drugs.

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November 2020
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