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by Mr. vishal soni, 18 May 2020

Churnas are preparations comprising of fine powders of drugs and may be simple or compound. Simple churnas consists of only one ingredient while a compound one consists of more then one ingredients. In ayurvedic system of treatment, churnas are as good as are asavas and arishtas for the eradication of diseases. The principle of using Churnas is due to the fact that therapeutic value of most of the substances is greatly increases when they are reduces to vary fine state of subdivion. As a part of evaluation Dabur and Baidhyanath brand of Sitopladi churna were tested for relevant organoleptic, physiochemical, micromeretics, fluorescence. The Dabur formulation is more elegant in colour, odor and in taste. Moisture content of both formulations were found with in Pharmacopoeial limit. In the present study, Dabur churna emitted white and Baidhyanath emitted off white under day light, in short UV light and in long UV light. The micromeretic parameters (bulk density, tap density, angle of repose & Carr’s index) were checked to determine its flow property, both formulation were found with good flow. Preliminary phytochemical screening indicated presence of saponins, tannins, alkaloids and flavnoids, phenolics.The results were found in close proximity of both brands. This study on Sitopladi churna was reproducible, precise and may be considered as a method for its quality control.

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