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Effect of Surfactant and Methods of Drying on Methotrexate HCl Loaded Chitosan Beads
by Dr. Rajendra Kotadiya, 10 Jul 2020

In present investigation, an attempt was made to chitosan beads of Methotrexate to achieve controlled drug release to improve patient compliance. Chitosan beads were prepared by ionotropic gelation technique by dropping drug containing chitosan solution into tripolyphosphate solution. Obtained beads were evaluated to study the effect of span 80 and methods of drying on properties of the beads. In absence of span 80 in the beads, the envelope of beads was lost. Air drying method resulted in shrunken beads oven drying method resulted in dark, brittle and cracked beads, and freeze-drying method showed adverse effect on sphericity and surface topography of the beads. Higher proportion of span 80 in the beads showed faster release. Oven-dried beads gave delayed release compared to air- and freeze-dried beads. In vitro drug release data depicted t70% at 365 min with 88.17 % drug release for twelve hours. Thus, controlled release beads can be inferred.

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November 2020
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