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“Rare” approach designed to achieve high expression stable clones
by Mr. Shailendra Gaur, 04 Sep 2020

Biopharmaceuticals strives to obtain high expression clones to reduce the production cost and produce affordable drugs. In this study, we generated pools evaluating two approaches. First, conventional approach of generating mega-pools and second, rare approach of generating nano-pools by seeding fewer cells in 96 well plates. Totally, 400 nano-pools were screened sequentially, downsizing to top 15 high expression nano-pools. Further, a fed-batch of top 15 nano-pools was carried out to evaluate expression protein considering mega-pool as control. Surprisingly, nearly 3-fold increased expression was observed in nano-pools. This might be the result of efficient segregation of high expressing cells during nano-pool generation. Thereby, increasing the probability of getting high producer clones from nano-pools after limited dilution cloning when compared to mega-pool. Therefore, using this approach we can increase the probability of enriching those ‘rare’ high expression stable clones, and reducing the arduous and time consuming screening effort otherwise.

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November 2020
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