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Comparative Pharmaceutical Evaluation of Variable Retail Priced Medicines Containing Biopharmaceutical Classification System Class-II or Class-IV Drugs
by Dr. Atmaram Pawar, 17 Jul 2019

The purpose of the present study is to highlight the discriminations if any, between the quality of low and high-cost medicines, which would help to select the right brand of medicine. In present work, brands of medicines having high, medium and low price containing either of biopharmaceutical classification system class-II or class-IV drug were comparatively evaluated for different pharmacopoeial standards as well as for biopharmaceutical classification system solubility and permeability. An ex vivo permeability test carried out using simple and non-invasive everted gut sac technique. Insignificant variation in pharmaceutical quality and permeability of the tested three types of brands was observed; however, the study could not consider the state of quality assurance facilities and parameters used while manufacturing of these medicines. The study will help to aware and assure the medical and pharmacy practitioners and consumers for selection of quality of generics medicines.

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November 2020
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