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Prevention of apparent adiposity by fractions of distillated cow urine: a non-invasive approach
by Dr. Ketan Hatware, 10 Sep 2019

Owing to the multifactorial pathological condition management of obesity is a thoughtful problem. Thus, finding an effective and safe remedy is the huge area of interest for many scientists and healthcare professionals in the field of biomedicine. There is a traditional claim that fresh cow urine and its distillate have anti-obesity activity. Thus, the present study aimed to assess the bioactive fraction of distillated cow urine having anti-obesity potential. Distillated cow urine was extracted by liquid-liquid extraction method using different solvents. Distillated cow urine and all the fractions were assessed for the anti-obesity activity by analysing non-invasive parameters. The distillated cow urine and it's methanolic as well as butanolic fractions have shown significant anti-obesity potential. It has been found that body weight reduced without affecting food consumption. This effect was probably due to the reduction in dietary fat absorption by reducing the pancreatic lipase activity and enhancing its excretion in faeces. Further research is required to explore the exact mechanism of action

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