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Evaluation of different biological activities of leaves of Ehretia acuminata R. Br.
by Dr. AMANPREET KAUR, 12 Nov 2019

Ehretia acuminata R. Br. is a plant with alternative medicinal properties found in Asian, African and north American countries . The present study was undertaken to prepare crude extracts of E. acuminata leaves with different polarity solvents (petroleum ether (PE), chloroform (CH), ethyl acetate (EA), ethanol (EOL) & aqueous (AQ)) by using successive soxhelet extraction method and assessing antidiabetic, anti-inflammatory and antihemolytic activities by the spectrophotometric method and antimicrobial by zone inhibition method. The highest antidiabetic activity was found in the chloroform extract (IC50 260-265 µg/ml) and the lowest was in the aqueous extract (IC50 1560-1550 µg/ml). In anti-inflammatory assay highest potential shown by ethyl acetate (IC50 290 µg/ml) extract and lowest in petroleum ether (IC50 750 µg/ml) extract. Zone of inhibition is highest in ethanol extract (12-18mm) by different food poisoning microbes, similarly ethyl acetate extract showed highest potential in antihemolytic activity with IC50 90 µg/ml. Many extracts of E. acuminata leaves showed high biological potential that could be attributed to high amount of phytoconstituents and could be utilize as value added functional food.

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