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by Dr. Goutam Kumar Jena, 25 Nov 2019

Skin carcinoma is frequently occurring cancer caused due to ultra violet rays of the Sun. It starts from normal skin cells but later on transforms into cells which undergo uncontrolled mitosis. Skin cancer is not as deadly as other cancers and has no metastasis and life threatening. Conventional chemotherapy plagued to treat skin cancer due to non specific targeting which is accompanied by several side effects. Novel therapeutic approach based on nanotechnology emerged as the best alternative for skin cancer treatment. We presented current scenario of nano based particulate drug carrier approaches for effective therapy for skin carcinoma by reducing side effects. It also reduces frequency of administration and improves patient compliance. Nanotechnology has emerged as the best alternative for conventional therapy for the effective treatment of skin cancer. Nanoparticles can specifically target skin carcinoma and can able to sustain drug release and reduce side effect to a greater extent.

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November 2020
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