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Design, synthesis of Schiff base Ciprofloxacin – Vanillin derivatives as potent bacterial DNA gyrase inhibitor
by Dr. Psudhirkumar, 07 Jan 2020

A series of Schiff base Ciprofloxacin hydrazone with vanillin analogues were designed and validated for druggability properties by advanced computational tools, from which two shortlisted compounds were synthesized and characterized by different spectral studies. These compounds were used against bacterial DNA gyrase; purposedly attempted in molecular docking studies, the compounds 5h and 5i indicated good binding affinity -8.2 and -8.5 kCal/mol, respectively. Moreover, in vitro antibacterial activities against uropathogenic bacteria, E. coli was assessed by these compounds 5h, and 5i had significant inhibitory actions. SAR studies revealed that the presence of the quinolone nucleus, azomethine functional group, and vanillyl ester might have shown the response of antibacterial inhibition. Thus, vanillyl ester condensed with Ciprofloxacin hydrazone through Schiff base, have more antibacterial inhibitory actions. The recorded bacterial results were corroborated with docking results.

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November 2020
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