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by Dr. Raman P. Yadav, 10 Feb 2020

In recent year pancreatic lipase inhibitor and α- glucosidase inhibitor has been highlighted as potential anti-diabesity principle. In present study, seeds of Phyllanthus emblica L. (Family: Phyllanthaceae) was studied for antidiabesity potential in terms of pancreatic lipase inhibitory activity, α-glucosidase inhibitory activity and antioxidant activity. At 100μg/ml concentration, pancreatic lipase inhibition of the methanolic extract using synthetic substrate obtained was 73.2±0.1% (IC50 59.1μg/ml) whereas pancreatic lipase inhibition using natural substrate was 87.9 ± 2.62%. α- glucosidase inhibition of the extract at 50μg/ml was measured as 94.4±0.37% (IC50 34.4μg/ml). The superoxide scavenging activity of the extract found as 81.5±0.41%. Interestingly, upon TLC fingerprinting only one band with Rf 0.70 multifunctional activity. The phytochemical found to present was alkaloid. The results evidenced the presence of multifunctional smart molecule in methanolic extract of Phyllanthus emblica L and showed alkaloid as the component responsible for antidiabesity potential.

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November 2020
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