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Spices, COVID-19 and Low hanging fruits for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Dr D B Anantha Narayana



Dr D B Anantha Narayana, is the Chief Scientific Officer, AYURVIDYE TRUST, Bangalore. He Championed the Notifications of Supplements and Nutraceuticals Regulations, FSSAI, 2016 Updated in 2017 and Phytopharmaceuticals as Drugs under Drugs & Cosmetics Act & rules, 2016. He is a recipient of Indian Drugs award for Contribution to IDMA and Indian Drugs and is a recipient of Eminent Pharmacist’s Award of IPA, 2007. Currently is an expert member, amongst others contributing significantly to 1) MemberExpert committee – Non-Specified Foods & Food Ingredients – FSSAI, 2) Chairman-Expert Committee –Advertisement and Claims – FSSAI, 3) Chairman-Scientific Panel – Nutraceuticals of FSSAI. 4) Chairman – Phytopharmaceuticals and Herbal products of Indian Pharmacopeia Commission 5) Member-Steering Committee of NMPB, Ministry of Ayush.

He continues to guide youngsters in research and also guides many startup firms in the area of Supplements/ Nutraceuticals, Foods, herbals and cosmetics

Year 2020 | Volume No. 57 | Issue No.7 | Page No. 5-6
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