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In vitro Evaluation for Protective Effect of Bamboo Leaves Against Gamma Radiation Induced Genetic Damage and Their Polyphenols Quantification Using RP-HPLC

Patel Mansia, Tewari Shikhab, Bhayani Dharaa, Bakshi Sonalb, Patel Snehala and Priti Mehtaa*

a Department of Pharmaceutical Analysis, Institute of Pharmacy, and b Institute of Science, Nirma University, Sarkhej-Gandhinagar Highway, Ahmedabad, Gujarat - 382481, India

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Radioprotector is the prime antidote to radiation injury. The desire to search an ideal radioprotector led us to explore natural sources. Bamboo species are known for theirimmense medicinal potential such as antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, immunomodulatory activities and are enriched with polyphenolic phytoconstituents. In CBMN assay, the pre-treatment of human peripheral blood lymphocytes with varying concentration of bamboo leaf extract before exposure to different doses of γ- radiation resulted in significant (P < 0.0001) decline of radiation induced micronuclei. Among all the selected species, Bambusa arundinacea showed highest protection ~70% at 9 μg/mL concentration. Through RP-HPLC analysis, compared to other species, B. arundinacea showed presence of all selected polyphenols to the highest extent. The results favour the direct correlation of radioprotective activity and the amount of polyphenol, indicating the role of bamboo polyphenols as radioprotector against gamma radiation induced genetic damage.

Year 2020 | Volume No. 57 | Issue No.1 | Page No. 27-36
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May 2020
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