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Pharmacognostic standardization of Jacaranda mimosifolia leaves and stem bark

Patrakar R. G. a* and Bhusnure O. G. b

a CRPS, Nanded Pharmacy College, Nanded - 431 602, Maharashtra, India

b Channabasweshwar Pharmacy College, Latur - 413 512, maharashtar, India

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pharmacognostic standardization is a basic criterion to assure authenticity and quality of any medicinal plant. In the present study micromorphological examinations along with proximate analysis, fluorescence and elemental analysis of Jacaranda mimosifolia leaves and stem bark were carried out. Morphological examination indicated compound, bipinnate and alternately arranged leaves having several pairs of leaflets. The leaflets were oblong ellipsoidal in shape with parallel venation, acute apex and entire margin. The stem bark was concavely curved, greyish brown colored with conical shaped buds on the surface. Microscopic examination of leaves presented dorsiventral lamina, unicellular pointed trichomes, vascular bundle, collenchyma tissues and calcium oxalate crystals while bark indicated cork, stone cells, lignified fibres, calcium oxalate prisms, starch grains and medullary rays. Elemental analysis revealed the presence of aluminum, chlorides and iron in leaves and bark of Jacaranda mimosifolia. The present study will assist as an important source of information in identification and further investigation of this plant.

Year 2019 | Volume No. 56 | Issue No.06 | Page No. 31-36
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