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High Performance Liquid Chromatographic - Diode Array Detector Method for Simultaneous Estimation of Escitalopram oxalate and Flupentixol dihydrochloride in Combination

Gawande V. V.a* And Chandewar A. V.a

a Department Of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pataldhamal Wadhwani College of Pharmacy, Dhamangaon Road, Moha Phata, Yavatmal - 445 001, Maharashtra, India

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The proposed work involves High Performance Liquid Chromatographic – Diode Array Detector method for estimation of escitalopram oxalate and flupentixol dihydrochloride in combination. The analytes were resolved on Waters C18 Xterra column (50 × 4.6 mm id, particle size 3.5 μm) with mobile phase composition of water (containing 0.2 % triethylamine pH adjusted to 2.5 with orthophosphoric acid): acetonitrile: methanol (62:28:10 % v/v/v). The flow rate kept was 1.0 mL/min opting isocratic mode and eluents were tracked down at 230 nm. The retention times for both the drugs were 1.38±0.21 and 2.98±0.41, respectively. Standard addition method was employed for the analysis of flupentixol dihydrochloride. ICH guidelines were followed to validate the method. The method assured linearity in concentration range of 50-150 μg/mL and 2.5-7.5 μg/mL for ESC and FLU, respectively. The method assured high degree of precision and accuracy. The method was proved to be robust by assessing robustness parameters.

Year 2019 | Volume No. 56 | Issue No.08 | Page No. 61-68
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