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A Validated Method Development for Estimation of Bendamustine HCl in Bulk and Solid Dosage Form by 1st Order Derivative Spectroscopy
by Mrs. Swati Pandey, 09 Nov 2019

ABSTRACT Aim and Objectives: This learning plan is to expand the trouble-free, quick, cost-effective and sensitive 1st Order derivative spectroscopy method for Bendamustine hydrochloride. Method: The aliquot was scanned from 200-400 nm using blank methanol as a solvent and the absorption was recorded. The stored spectrum was modified into the first derivative spectrum by using UV Probe software and the Detection wavelength was selected as 269 nm in methanol after converting to the 1st order derivative spectrum. Result: The linearity was considered more at the attentiveness range bearing 10-80 µg/ml with the regression equation establishes to be y = 0.001x+0.005 (R2=0.998).The % RSD for intra-day Precision study establishes to (1.6043%) and inter-day precision was established to be (1.3274%) System and Method precision was determined to be less than 2%. LOD and LOQ were establishing to be 0.6435 µg and 1.9501 µg respectively. The consequence assay of the marketed formulations was found to be 99.78%. Conclusion: All of the validation parameters were found to be below 2% RSD. Hence, the method can be profitably working for the estimation of Bendamustine Hydrochloride in bulk dosage forms and the method was validated as per ICH guidelines Q2 (R1).

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