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Adverse Drug Reaction Reporting Pattern in Health Care Practice: An Updated Review
by Mr. Bharath kumar, 08 Jan 2020

Adverse drugs reaction is a toxic, inadvertent, and undesirable pharmacological outcome of drug in a patient. Adverse drug reactions occur due to over ingestion which may be accidental causing high blood level of the drug with enhanced toxic effect of the drug due to temporary inhibition of drug metabolism due to a disorder or overdose of drugs. Educating health care professionals like doctors, nurses, community pharmacist and patients about drug safety, rational use of drugs, prescription pattern of drugs and knowledge on pharmacotherapeutics. Advanced computer documenting technique of patients ADR event record provides a supportive reference document can predict early life threatening adverse drug reactions and can provide a supportive therapy to reduce such ADR complications. Currently, an effective role by a clinical pharmacist in the hospital can provide and share to the health care professionals and patients about adverse drug reactions, its detection and management.

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November 2020
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