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Cryptic Causes and Mechanisms involved in Ageing

Challabotla K., Banji D., Banji O.J.F. and Reddy Chilipi K..


Ageing is a natural process characterized by progressive deterioration of biological functions. Ageingcauses both morphological as well as biochemical alterations in various body organs leading todeterioration of health. Proteins, enzymes and neurotransmitters are affected, which in turn can resultin dysregulation of various pathways. WHO has reported that by 2020, three quarters of all deathsin developing countries will be age-associated. Currently more than 300 theories exist to explain thephenomenon of ageing; amongst them the oxidative stress theory of ageing is most studied and acceptedfor the molecular basis of ageing. All these processes can progress at an unprecedented pace on contactwith triggering factors, leading to the development of pathological ageing. The probability of developingneurodegenerative and metabolic disorders is relatively high under such circumstances. This reviewemphasizes the theories and mechanisms of ageing and an overview on the aspects of age associatedbiochemical changes and the implications on the brain, liver and various organ systems.
Year 2013 | Volume No. 50 | Issue No.1 | Page No. 5
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