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Pharmaceutico Analytical Study of Gandhaka Taila

Kotrannavar V.S., Kotrannavar S.S., and Vaidya S. S


Gandhaka taila is a compound ayurvedic formulation prepared from gandhaka (sulphur), goghrita (cowsghee), Arka ksheera (latex of Calotropis procera) and Snuhi ksheera (latex of Euphorbia nerifolia).Thispreparation is mainly used in the management of kustha (skin disorders) and pama (scabies). In thisstudy Gandhaka taila was prepared with classical procedure, by applying paste of gandhaka (sulphur),ghee on cotton cloth dipped in Arka ksheera (latex of Calotropis procera), Snuhi ksheera (latex ofEuphorbia nerifolia) and burning this wick to collect taila (oil) and finished product was subjected tophysico-chemical and chromatographic study to assess the chemical components and to lay-downthe pharmacopeial standards for Gandhaka taila. The Gandhaka taila shows that it contains inorganicelements like Ca, Mg, Fe, S as sulphide and Rf value for TLC is 0.58, HPTLC shows 3 peaks, alkalinepH(7.74), less moisture content (0.13%), Sp. gravity 1.043, Total Ash value 0.125%, Refractive index1.468, Saponification value 46.28, Iodine value 4.69, Fat contents 95.83 %.
Year 2013 | Volume No. 50 | Issue No.8 | Page No. 42
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