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Prasad M., Rajput R.*, Kushwaha A. and Bharti R.

Anand College of Pharmacy Keetham, Agra-282007, India *E-mail :


A herbomineral formulation was developed in suspension form by using the herb, mineral and differentexcipient and named Alcecare. The formulation was prepared by mixing calculated quantity ofshatavari aqueous extract, fennel seed oil and praval bhasma to make smooth cream and then otherexcipients added to form a suspension for the evaluation of antiulcer activity in rats using aspirin model.The anti-ulcer activity of herbomineral formulation showed that the minimum ulcer index was observedwith pantoprazole (1.980.29) which was nearly comparable with herbomineral formulation (2.850.47)and showed significant antiulcer activity compared to negative control with reducing the volumeof gastric juice (5.990.25, 3.570.92, 4.220.67 of ulcerated control, standard and herbomineralformulation groups respectively). It was observed that developed herbomineral formulation possesssignificant antiulcer activity compared to control group and obtained results were nearly comparablewith standard drug (pantoprazole).
Year 2014 | Volume No. 51 | Issue No.02 | Page No. 54-59
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