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In silico Docking Studies, Synthesis and Chacterization of Some Novel 1,3,4 Thiadiazole Analogues of 4-amino Hippuric Acid as Potent Antimicrobial agents

Daniel K.a* and Daniel V.b

a Department of Pharmacy, B. R. Nahata College of Pharmacy, Mandsaur University, Mandsaur – 458 001, Madhya Pradesh, India
b Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Mandsaur Institute of Pharmacy, Mandsaur – 458 001, Madhya Pradesh, India
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The chemistry of heterocyclic compounds has been an interesting field of study for a long time. The heterocyclic nucleus 1,3,4-thiadiazole constitutes an important class of compounds for new drug development. The synthesis of novel thiadiazole derivatives and investigation of their chemical and biological behaviour have gained more importance in recent decades. Molecular docking is a key tool in structural molecular biology and CADD. The goal of the ligand protein is to predict the predominant binding model(s) of ligand with a protein of known 3D structure. In the present work, the motto was to develop new the anti-microbial agents. 1,3,4 Thiadiazole derivative of 4-amino hippuric acid show good anti-microbial activity and greater selectivity with glucosamine - 6 - phosphate synthetase (PDB ID in 2VF5) with flexible molecular docking studies.

Year 2018 | Volume No. 55 | Issue No.12 | Page No. 7-17
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