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Enhacement of solubility profile of plumbagin containing tablet at different colonic region for colon targeting drug delivery system

Jain N.a* and Kori M. L.a

a Vedica College of B. Pharmacy, R.K.D.F. University, Bhopal, Madhya Pradhesh - 462 033, India
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The aim of present study is to improve solubility profile of a poorly soluble anti-cancer natural product, plumbagin at colonic site through incorporation of β-cyclodextrin by preparing complexes by a number of methods. Natural compound plumbagin have lower solubility profile in various GIT medias i.e. 0.1 N HCl, at stomach and intestinal pH. Natural compound plumbagin containing β-cyclodextrin complexes prepared with a number of methods increased the solubility profile in different dissolution media. The nature of plumbagin complexes was ascertained by FTIR spectrum. The tablet formulation of plumbagin β-cyclodextrin complex (kneading method) was prepared and coated with pH sensitive polymer Eudragit L100 for colon targeting. Plumbagin β-cyclodextrin complex can be used in place of pure plumbagin for the preparation of colon targeted drug delivery system.

Year 2018 | Volume No. 55 | Issue No.12 | Page No. 78-82
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